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Beautiful rose by FrancescaDelfino

I like beautiful photographic flower studies so I took the time to have a closer look at this one. However, I found it slightly disappointing, I'm afraid. Rather than pass on by without a remark I thought I would take this opportunity to write my first critique and perhaps give the artist a more honest appraisal of her work.

Firstly, the good points. I do like the colours very much. Though not very original the muted, faded look of the colours evoke a romantic and nostalgic feel for times past. The main subject appears to be well focussed and sharp with the background pleasantly out of focus. The tiny flowers in the background provide a lovely textural, hazy area of interest that contrasts well yet complements the rose in front. A good choice.

Now for the negative points. For me the sorry state of the flower itself is not terribly attractive, the bruising and creasing of the petals shows a subject that is well past its best. Naturally an out of season rose in December is not going to look good so perhaps it is best avoided altogether if it is to be the primary point of interest.

Composition wise I find the bottom quarter of the image to be very distracting - the large out of focus strip at the bottom demands almost as much attention as the rose itself. The eye flicks from one to the other, sensing that maybe something will materialise along the bottom there.
Finally, the arrangement itself is a little unsatisfactory. Perhaps it is the position of the rose, slap bang in the middle of the frame. From an artistic perspective this is seldom a good compositional technique, an off-centre position would perhaps be preferable and a little more interesting. A leaf or short sprig of leaves to one side would work wonders to offset the dominant, single, round area of interest that we have at present, perhaps. All this, however, just a personal feeling and preference.

So, overall I would say this is still an attractive photograph with a nice feel to it and well shot but a little more care in choosing a better quality bloom and some more thought regarding composition would, in my humble opinion, elevate the quality of this photograph to something rather more sublime.
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